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🌹conquer overwhelm with these 3 questions


As social media pushes small business owners into new, often unfamiliar territory, many of us have to conquer the management of the constant stream of information overload.

The right mindset and strong mental skills became the most important tools in sustainable business success for small business owners and solo-preneurs as the Internet took over the business world.

here's how to take charge:

  1. have your long-term goal as your destination always in mind 
  2. have you milepost to the goal laid out
  3. know clearly what reward you are getting with accomplishing your goals (all of them! have a reward attached to each of the smaller goals)

before every action, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. what do I want (the goal)
  2. why do I want it (the reward)
  3. what's the next step (immediate action leading you closer to the completion of the next milestone)

This strategy will give you a sense of control and you'll be able to navigate the busy environment luring you into engagement on things that...

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🌹Be No More victimized by the circumstances.

mindset self-empowerment Jul 31, 2019

How You'll Conquer The circumstances of your life.

  • Freedom of choice, is there something like this? I had an excellent discussion with one of my friends, where I noticed there is not enough clarity. When somebody hears you have freedom of choice, you would say, "Of course not, "because there is my boss "and there is my, I don't know, partner. "There is my bodily condition. "I don't have a choice." When you hear you have a choice, what it means is, you have the choice to choose the thought, choose your response, to your bodily condition, response to your boss, response to whatever comes your way. You have the choice, how you react to it. And now it comes to, what is your reaction it is a reaction of a victim? Or is your response of someone who says, "Okay, this is something I don't like. "This is something I need to change." And you will approach it with a constructive approach. 
  • Spark up, ignite your creativity. And change the path of things. So, you have the choice; you have...
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✨Prosperity ✨

entrepreneurship mindset Jul 24, 2019


Once you understand the cycle, everything in your life will change.

So it is about to understand this principle of abundance and prosperity, what it means to us. And what it means is, and you can see it in example everywhere in nature. 

If you look at the flower, where the flower unfolds to its full potential, and it shares freely everything it has. The bees are coming; the insects are coming, provides shade and provides nourishment. The plant is in its purpose. And gives everything and receives everything unfolds its full potential. And the same things apply to us as human beings. Now, the question is, are you giving everything? If you are not receiving everything, it's only to allow the receiving. 

Somehow the cycle of wellbeing, the cycle of abundance, the cycle of natural prosperity is broken. And it's just up to you to repair it. 

It's up to you to realize why you're here. Who you are. What are you in the whole scheme of things? 

What can you...

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👍3 Steps To Life-Improvement

management mindset Jul 17, 2019

There are three steps to a life improvement or any change. 

it's straightforward. It's like Ready - Set - Go!

You can get the FREE workbook on my website here

So, "life improvement." There are three steps to a life improvement or any change. 

And well, I assume if you are up to make a change in your life, it should be something that brings you improvement. 

So it's straightforward. It's like Ready - Set - Go!

STEP ONE: get clear on what you want. Something that is not satisfactory right now for you has its opposite of what you want. 

It's essential that you focus on what it is that you want and number one, you need to define it. And you know, the method I am teaching is asking yourself where do you want to be in five years? 

Create a picture that consists of your physical well-being, of your ideal career in five years, the relationships you would like to have in five years and your financial situation in those four areas. 

And then say okay, this is...

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❤️Compassion Marketing

marketing mindset success Jun 03, 2019

Whatever type of a business you are running, one is for a fact; you are changing people's lives for the better.

Now it's time to communicate it in your marketing.

The new marketing approach is the marketing you will love to do.

It's the ethical marketing where you compassionately communicate your competency.

You express understanding for client's "pain" and offer your expertise in the solution.

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Program Your Success with a powerful vision


If you know what you are looking for it's easy to find it.

In the previous posts, I was talking about how our brain supports our intentions.

We literally program out "destiny" with the thoughts we think and what we focus on predominantly.

Beliefs run our decisions and reaction.

Do you believe you can succeed?

If you doubt your success you sabotage yourself.

But beliefs can be changed when you know what they are and how they got into your head :)

The repetition of thought builds a belief that becomes something we assume as truth and don't question anymore.

Our beliefs were formed when we were children and depending on what kind of thoughts were put into our mind they may be benefiting us or not.


As yourself when you doubt your success "is it true?"

And more importantly, ask yourself "why can I believe that my success is possible?" And answer the question for yourself. Find reasons that will confirm your probability to succeed.

Btw. when anyone...

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Discover what is holding you back

business success mindset Feb 21, 2019

There is three primary obstacles entrepreneurs name when asked what is holding them back from the success they want.

Listen and share what is holding you back and what is your dream of a successful business lifestyle.

Here are the three questions to ask

  1. Where do you want to take your business ideally?
  2. What are the obstacles you are facing in pursuing your enterprise?
  3. How would your life look like if those obstacles were resolved?

Enjoy the self-discovery!

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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 7: How to get unstuck

mindset success Jan 26, 2019

Do I know what I want?

Do I know why I want it?

Do I believe it is possible?

Does it excite me to envision my success?

Am I inspired to take action?

The energy grows with your focus. Start to gather the strength of clear intent and information affirming you can make your dream reality and as soon the power is strong enough it will pull you forward into action and you are unstuck!

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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 5: Nobody can mess with your life!

happiness mindset success Jan 24, 2019

You Are in the Driver's Seat!

Nobody can mess with your life when you know that you are the one who directs where the journey goes and how joyful or painful it will be.

You are in the Driver's Seat!

Your thoughts run your emotions and define the quality of your life.

You have complete choice of thought/opinions. Spend them on building the life of your dreams in your imagination and then take action to make it happen.

You are in the driver seat!

Make it an enjoyable ride!


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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 2: The Free Will

mindset Jan 21, 2019

How to get rid off of unwanted things?

Begin to take charge of your life experience.

Discipline your mind and improve your life.

  • Look at your life differently 
  • and
  • your life will look different to you :)
  • you've got the power to choose!
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