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✅ FREE Quiz: Is your website a lead generating machine?

digital marketing Sep 15, 2019

First impressions matter. And you need your website to be a tool that delivers results. A better connection with your clients will yield the growth you’ve been craving. Find out how well your site measures up, and how you can improve it!

Take The FREE Quiz: Is your website a lead generating machine?

5 minutes and you have the score!  

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✅ 2 Tips for staying on top of FB-page performance


Stay on top of the digital performance: Two time-saving tools.

Work smarter with the available Facebook tools and get your reports automatically so you can monitor and tune accordingly.

1. get your weekly Facebook Page performance delivered to your email

2. add so-called Pages to Watch. I suggest that you put in there your competitors or the industry leaders that you are following. And, you can add up to five pages. You can remove them and change them, but it will tell you how you are doing compared with the other people/pages. And then you can again say, "Oh, okay, well, where I am, how I'm doing." And adjust to it.

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‼️ Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Media

digital marketing Aug 26, 2019

Stop wasting your precious time by randomly posting on social media.

Like everything else in your business, you need to know 

#1 why are you posting = what is the outcome you want to see from your actions. 

#2 build your messaging toward the ultimate goal = revenue

BUT in order to do that on the Internet and get noticed on the world-wide-web

you must GET CLEAR on following 5 points:

  1. what you want to promote, which of your services, specialties or products you want to lead to with your messaging (everything must align with the ultimate goal)
  2. who you want to connect with. Who is your ideal client? The beauty of digital marketing is that you can pick your audience. You may have several "client avatars" but in the lead generation process, you need to focus on one of them.
  3. what challenge this client experiences that can be solved with your product or service
  4. what is the solution your product/service provides
  5.  What is the transformational story of the client you...
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👉 Two main themes govern digital marketing success.

digital marketing Aug 24, 2019

Digital marketing success is more than posting pictures on social media.

To succeed in digital marketing requires the business owners to rethink and transform how they manage their business inward and outward.

Two main themes govern digital marketing success and who understands this rule will have the business everybody loves.

Value and Transparency.

People buy from people, and the business must become personified and transparent to build trust and develop a relationship with its audience.

The K-L-T approach.

  • When you begin to build your online presence, you must realize that you are "seen" by people who do not know you.
  • So the first objective is to allow your ideal audience to get to KNOW you. (Be clear about your customer avatar before you post anything)
  • When they LIKE what you share the relationship develops to the next level (yes it's like dating :)
  • Only when you satisfy the first two steps, there will be TRUST so far that they are...
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😊 Get Found - Get Seen! Test The Loading Speed of your Website.

digital marketing Aug 15, 2019

Does our Website Measure Up With The Fast-Paced Lifestyle Of Our Audience?

Here are 3 FREE, easy to use Tools To test The Quality and Speed and get the report on what needs to be done

BDC: Website Assessment:

Google Test my Site: website speed test for mobile

Google Page Speed: Website speed test desktop and mobile 

Find more useful content on my blog:

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❤️Marketing Minute with Mila - "Think with Google"

digital marketing Aug 09, 2019

Today, I want to introduce you to the platform called "Think with Google."

It's Google's own, information-place and what I like the most about it, and want to share with you, is that you get country-specific data.

And this is not a translation of the same information.

No, the data is country-specific information. Test it and see for yourself.

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❤️ Facebook Ads for beginners: testing the Image-performance

digital marketing Aug 07, 2019

Watch the 7-minute video training on how to find the best image for your ad

In online marketing, testing comes before spending.

Optimization of the creative and the copy makes the ad investment pointed in the right direction. 

In this video, you'll see how I tested and identified my "winner" an image that I will now use for my ads campaign

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👍 Improve The performance of Your social videos

digital marketing Aug 04, 2019

Closed Captions Done For You.

To have closed captions for our videos is a must, but do we need to do it ourselves? Work smarter with outsourcing the creation of closed captions for your videos - a walkthrough but before you create your videos, get clear on The 7 Questions You Must Answer In Your Marketing Message. Learn in my quick video course at

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👍 How to test Facebook audiences on a low budget

digital marketing Jul 30, 2019

How to test Facebook audiences on a low budget

An Example of the behind-the-scene work that is part of my daily tasks as an online entrepreneur.

but before you begin to market your offers or pay for ads, you must first complete the 7 steps as I am teaching you in this quick video course about effective marketing

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❤️ Marketing Minute with Mila - How to Create a Facebook Page from Personal Profile


Mila guides you through the 4-step process of creating a Facebook Page from your personal profile; when it makes sense and when not.

for closed caption, click "CC"

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