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🌹conquer overwhelm with these 3 questions


As social media pushes small business owners into new, often unfamiliar territory, many of us have to conquer the management of the constant stream of information overload.

The right mindset and strong mental skills became the most important tools in sustainable business success for small business owners and solo-preneurs as the Internet took over the business world.

here's how to take charge:

  1. have your long-term goal as your destination always in mind 
  2. have you milepost to the goal laid out
  3. know clearly what reward you are getting with accomplishing your goals (all of them! have a reward attached to each of the smaller goals)

before every action, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. what do I want (the goal)
  2. why do I want it (the reward)
  3. what's the next step (immediate action leading you closer to the completion of the next milestone)

This strategy will give you a sense of control and you'll be able to navigate the busy environment luring you into engagement on things that...

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