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Success through Mind Mastery Tip #3: Are your habits serving you?

mind-mastery Feb 11, 2019

What is a habit?

Habits are established by the repetition of a specific action.

Often habits are connected to emotional triggers, and the only way to break the habit is to become aware of it and replace it with a different response to a trigger that sparks the old habit.

When we react on autopilot 

  1. Become aware of the habit
  2. find a good reason that will keep you motivated
  3. define the replacement to the bad habit
  4. clarify the trigger 
  5. repeat the conscious action in replacing the old habit with the new one
  6. compliment yourself when you noticed and reacted differently
  7. Do never feel bad when you forgot and fell back into the old habit, start over again!

Transform your bad habits - the exercise

list you 10 habits that are not serving you

turn the bad habit statement into a new, beneficial habit statement

begin to train yourself into a New You, the person with new habits.

Enjoy personal growth!


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