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❗️ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your business , you are on a path to extinction.

marketing small business May 12, 2019

Marketing Monday with Mila

I could cry seeing small business disappear from the storefronts as the consumer behaviour changed, and they didn't react with new strategies.

‼️ If "Everyone" is the client you want to attract to your small business, you are on a path to extinction.

Small Business: Prevent extinction with distinction!

Stop to be the "Jack of all trades" and become the expert with niche domination.

The blissful consequence of this business approach is that you'll do what you are passionate about and good at, dealing with clients who are seeking this particular expertise and you will achieve higher margins as you'll narrow down your equipment and material lists.

The higher purchasing power will open for better conditions with your supplies, and your whole life becomes more enjoyable with less to handle and the potential to systemize the processes and grow your business by working "on the business" more than "in the business."

The task today is to think about what part of your business brings you most aliveness because it's not only the most profitable but also triggers a life-giving passion; the work that you are looking forward to doing every day.

Do you want to jump out of bed every morning excited about the day? Then think of building a reputation of an expert in what you love the most to do.




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