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❓How to build a website that generates leads?

how to build a website Apr 29, 2019

Does your website generate leads?

Here is a screen recording with a walkthrough of an 11-point website structure. A website that generates leads with strategically places Calls to Action

The basis of online presence is a website that "works for you" that means is capable of collecting leads while you are sleeping.

the 12-minute video is a review of the 11-point example template presented in the Virtual Entrepreneur Training series and is here in the download section for you.

5-part website "above the fold" design

  1. hero image
  2. title
  3. subtitle
  4. call to action top right
  5. call to action above the "fold"

now that you know the "secret" notice how other websites are structured and you'll find the same design as I found it.

There is also a book I recommend by Donald Miller that explains the concept of a story brand. 


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