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10-Day online entrepreneur Challenge for beginners Day 9: you Branding Persona

branding web-presence Feb 07, 2019

You must be unique to stand out in the online marketplace and you are unique.

Now it's about to shine in the world in the uniqueness that is authentically representing you and your brand.

Get inspired by watching others in your industry how they show up in the online world.

what values do they represent?

what audience they have resonating to their messages?

the voice they are using?

Develop clarity about who you want to attract in the online marketplace and make sure the branding persona you are developing resonates with who you are, your values, vocabulary, personality.

Create your branding persona and then define the person who will be the public representation of it. It can be you or someone else. The key is the congruence in the messaging and alignment with the values.

let me know who you found as an example of a clear brand and what are some of the characteristics of your brand - what voice you want to express?



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