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10-Day online entrepreneur Challenge for beginners Day 7: getting social


10-Day online entrepreneur Challenge for beginners

Day 7: get social on Facebook

You need to feel out what your audience wants and have some KPI (key performance indicators) in place to be able o fine-tune and stand out in the online marketplace with your service and product.

People are watching you from a distance and making up their evaluation of the value of paying attention to you and the content you are sharing.

Here is clear why you need to know your clients better than they know themselves.

But let’s start with getting your page up and capable of delivering the information you need to fine-tune to what the market is asking from you.

In this session, I am guiding you through the first basic steps to a Facebook presence

Your task from today:

  1. get 30 likes so you can see the insights
  2. get 100 likes so you can add the "watch pages"

Make a plan of posting that is manageable for you

the key to success is in

  1. the consistency of posting (it's good to be predictable)

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