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10-day MindShift mindset challenge Day 9: Cure the confusion with Coaching

coaching success boost Jan 28, 2019

I am coaching for Clarity and fast progress.

The power is in coaching where there is a person who is not invested with their agenda in your life but completely supports you in the achievement of the goals you set for yourself.

From my experience, the best coach is one who can relate to the situation you are in and can provide a SYSTEM, STRATEGY AND SUPPORT.

To ask a friend to hold you accountable in my experience proved to be not useful.

Also an occasional mentoring didn't bring me the results and the boost I was looking for. 

I became a certified coach because we all are bombarded with so much information and opportunities that many people are now faced with overwhelm and feel out of control of their lives.

For personal coaching, ideally, you commit for 12 weeks (minimum 6 weeks of work with a coach to see results).

For business 12 weeks is minimum and to see results is best to stay with a coach for 6 months or 12  months at a time.


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