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10-Day online entrepreneur Challenge for beginners Day 10 : ACTION!

  1. Set clear goals based on vision and mission - make your online business to means of self-realization, fulfillment and prosperity
  • Day 1 - the topic
  • Day 2 - the audience
  • Day 3 - the audience's problem
  • Day 4 - your story
  • Day 5 - Your channel and framework
  • Day 6 - establish an online presence
  • Day 7 - you know how to get insights and watch pages on FB/ add a professional network if your audience is there (linkedIn or Alignable)
  • Day 8 - you learned the client's journey from lead to repeat (like dating)
  • Day 9 - you are clear about your branding persona
  • Day 10 - time to act - create a plan how you’ll make all this happen sequence of steps now just add a timeline o it. You can be finished in 10 days - your choice and ask questions, I’m here to help

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