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☀️ Starting a business - your firsts thoughts (with worksheet)

management mindset start-up Dec 05, 2018

Creative Business Blueprint - the eight starting questions.

Success comes from preparation and there are couple basic building blogs you must establish before you start with marketing.

  1. My Topic/Craft (What excites you to do, share and learn?)
  2. What three products/service types can I create with my craft/knowledge?
  3. My Client (who do you want to deal with/serve?)
  4. What is this clients aspiration as it applies to my topic?
  5. What lack or pain or challenge is my service solving for the client?
  6. Why am I competent to provide this help?
  7. Why am I compassionate about providing this service?
  8. Is it important to me to create this service? Why?

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