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😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 21: Where to start with online presence? GO or WAIT what is it?

online-business start-up Jan 10, 2019

😊30-Day Business Challenge Day 21: Take action, but wait! The dichotomy of proactivity when starting online

The dichotomy of taking action

In my coaching and consulting work, I'm hoping my clients to utilize the Internet to grow their business as an ATM that fuels their life in a fulfilling manner.

First I look at their web presence which means activity and how they show up on the internet.

The general first advice for someone who wants to get their business online is "get in from of your audience", which is more complicated as it seems on the surface.

Most people lack the knowledge of the basic building blocks of successful online presence; Clarity of their message, clarity of who their target audience is and clarity of the persona they want to be which relates to the two other components.

so the dichotomy of taking action is

GO! take a massive imperfect action meaning get online and start to share what you want people to know

WAIT!  build the momentum by accumulating the insights and building clarity on the three building blocks before you begin to create the website so you will spend your time and money in the most efficient way



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