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๐Ÿ˜Š30-Day Business Challenge Day 12: The New You is just a Thought Away

change-management Jan 01, 2019

The 4-steps to the New you ๐ŸŒน

We are creatures of habits

A multitude of learned processes run our responses to life, good and bad.

We do things and often cannot answer the question "why" we behave like that (often it doesn't make even sense to behave in a certain way and we still do it)

There are triggers of our behavior, which when recognized can be altered to cause improved behavior.

We can change our habits.

Here the sequence of making an improvement to our habits:

  1. first become aware of what is happening and when
  2. look at the reason why you behave this way (od habits come often from an expectation of an emotional  reward which we learned, but that doesn't apply anymore)
  3. Identify the trigger of the behavior (yes, there is one)
  4. next time when you are prompted to the old habit, become aware and make a new choice

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